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Automated Ordering and Purchasing System

National-General is proud to provide the only Automated Ordering and Purchasing System, specifically designed to support COCESS operations, that has been fully compliant with contractual requirements and in continuous service to the government since 2002.

National-General's Automated Ordering and Purchase System provides the government a unique advantage over any other system used for COCESS support.

  • Designed from the ground up to seamlessly integrate with Air Force material acquisition systems such as CEMAS and WIMS.
  • Backed up by a team of professionals that have been supporting COCESS operations for over four decades.

Our fully functional web-based purchasing system is fully compliant with the most recent COCESS Statement's of Work and is designed to:

  • Provide the government with a streamlined purchasing system that operates solely through a web browser without the need for additional software,
  • Show all actual prices
  • Show all order history
  • Live order tracking
  • Live order status
  • Customized report tool allowing searches by work order number and other criteria
  • Modify orders not yet shipped
  • Cancel orders not yet shipped
  • SSL browser encryption and authentication
  • Encrypted passwords
  • Allow for multiple authorization levels, all controlled by user ID and password
  • Assign synonyms to define alternate terms for words in items description
  • Ability to input work order number, TSN, shop code, etc. by line item
  • and much, much more!

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